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Let's run outside

If you’ve ever run on a treadmill, you know how deadly dull it can be. God alone knows your hopeless efforts in making this monotonous kind of running experience more appealing. No doubt you’ve tried watching TV series or movies, or perhaps you listen to music, creating motivating playlists for your music player. Let’s face it, we’ve all counted the minutes and seconds on the screen; you’ve probably even counted your steps, haven’t you? And we all know that, even when we daydream and become lost in thought, it still takes an age for that short run to come to an end. No matter what you’ve tried, we bet you still haven’t managed to make the experience any better. Reluctantly, you’ll somehow complete your running workouts, but you won’t enjoy them. And maybe when you’re finally losing the will to live, you stop doing them altogether.

As a group of runners we’ve all been there, done that. We also know that nothing can be quite as exhilarating as running outdoors. That’s why we firmly believe that we have found a way to enable those who can’t run outdoors, for any reason, to have a similar experience while running within four walls. 


To let you feel as if you’re jogging outdoors, we want to take your running experience on a treadmill to a whole new level. We do this by offering you real-time footage of wonderful jogging trails from around the world, during which it will appear as if you’re following another runner on one of a number of beautiful routes. This experience will take you far away from those dull and monotonous workouts, and motivate you through the activation of your mirror neurons. 

Our application is now ready for us to offer you the virtual experience of running on various jogging tracks, trails and mountain roads. At the moment, we are able to offer a limited number of routes on our application, which is currently in beta phase; however, we will be adding more routes in the days to come. Currently, our application is only available in Appstore, but our plan is to eventually offer our application for other devices as well.

The feedback we ask you to provide throughout this process is extremely important to us. Please let us know about any features you would like to see in our application. You are also welcome to share with us details of the routes along which you’ve always wanted to run in real life. 


Come on, let’s run together!

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